Biocarriers for soil are intended for processing and revitalization of soil in order to improve its quality as a living environment. Their proper usage helps to accelerate humus formation by up to 5%. The soil becomes looser, lighter and deeper. The systematic use of frequency fertilizers leads to a reduction of soil radiation by up to 60% !!! The most effective is the triple spray, applied during the autumn plowing, during sowing and after sowing.

Yields are increased by 20% when sprayed in the morning on the day of Root by Maria Thun’s Calendar for farmers and beekeepers for the corresponding year. Biocarriers act on the principle of bio-resonance through saturation of the structured water with information with the help of AquaKat vitalizers or by Johann Grander’s revitalizers, depending on the specificity of the particular case.

140 litres of revitalized water are placed into a nontransparent container and the biocarrier is immersed into the water for at least 10 minutes per liter, with no limitation as to the maximum time of immerssion of the biocarrier in the water. Prepared in this way for 24 hours already informed (charged) water is sufficient to activate another 14 000 litres of water! Water charged with information from biocarriers can also be combined with other fertilizers and plant protection agents.

Biocarriers have a core of beeswax and an aluminum foil cover. They must be kept away from heat above 40°C and direct sunlight!
Grander’s devices, filled with structured water, must be protected from cold below 4°C and heating up to the temperature above 90°C!